Open Data

The project has a strong focus on releasing open access linguistic resources for the Norwegian language. This will be mainly achieved through the Norwegian Language Bank (Språkbanken). In this page we will collect links to the main corpora developed during the project.

  • The Norwegian Parliamentary Speech Corpus (NPSC) consists of 140 hours of audio files and corresponding manual transcriptions of meetings at Stortinget (the Norwegian parliament) from 2017 and 2018. The NPSC is primarily intended as an open-source dataset for ASR development.
  • The Stortinget Speech Corpus (SSC) can be seen as an extension of the NPSC. It consists of more than 5000 hours of speech segments with transcriptions which are automatically extracted from the official proceedings of Stortinget. It also includes metadata about the speakers extracted from the ParlaMint-NO corpus.
  • NB Samtale is a dataset with 24 hours of transcribed speech from podcasts and live events. The dataset contains a large amount of dialogues and unplanned speech, i.e., speech which is not read from a manuscript.
  • NB Uttale is a pronunciation lexicon with 785 000 words. Each word has an orthographic form in Norwegian Bokmål and phonemic transcriptions in 5 different dialects.

In addition to datasets developed during the project period, a number of older datasets are also important to the work in SCRIBE:

  • The NST ASR dataset consists of more than 500 hours of manuscript-read speech from around 1000 speakers. The dataset was developed by the firm Nordisk språkteknologi (NST) at the turn of the millenium and was later given to the Norwegian Language Bank after NST went bankrupt.
  • NB Tale is an acoustic-phonetic speech dataset for Norwegian. The database contains recordings of 380 speakers from 12 dialect aread as well as second language speakers with different native languages. The dataset is produced by Lingit AS for the Norwegian Language Bank. NB Samtale contains manuscript-read speech which is orthographically and phonetically transcribed. It also contains some unplanned speech, which is orthographically transcribed.
  • Rundkast is a 77 hours speech dataset consisting of orthographically transcribed speech from Norwegian radio broadcasts developed at NTNU. One hour is also transcribed phonetically. Rundkast is not publicly available.

Open Models and Code (writing in progress)

We open-source models and code together with our publications. Below we list our main contributions in terms of models and code: